If it's fun, we do it!

That has been our philosophy for a very long time.  If you're here, we hope you want to have fun too.

We're just a small photography studio that makes photos and fine art.  

For many years, we've enjoyed working with actors, models, dancers, athletes, performers, and fun people.  

We now work with a limited number of select models.   

We have a Park City studio and a lot of beautiful people from Salt Lake City visit us.  We also shoot on location around SLC.


We enjoy working with talented, creative people.

We have fun working collaboratively and affordably with models, stylists, make-up artists, and creatives.  We also make some nice art.

Enjoy looking through some of our online collection.  
If you don't see your particular album, don't fret (we have over 70,000 online photos at last count).  It might be archived or in hiding.   
E-mail me at photos@gribbin.biz, or you can contact Jamie@gribbin.biz for help in finding the unlisted link.
We no longer operate full time in Oklahoma.  In fact, we're just having fun creating art in the Park City and Salt Lake City areas.

If you really want to learn more about us, just ask one of the many Tulsa performing arts organizations with whom we've worked or contact us for specific references.   
Or try Google, or Facebook, or our blog.  

Or just give me a call. 
(If you're under 18 and hope to model for us, please have your parent or guardian call!) 
I'm easy to find since I'm usually  1-234-PLAYING in the studio or on location.
(That's (234) 752-9464 to call us.)

Thanks for visiting.  
We hope you find many wonderful memories in our galleries.